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Sophy Hollington is an illustrator, artist and printmaker living in Brighton, UK.

Past Clients include The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wetransfer, Esquire Magazine, It's Nice That, Tom Dixon, AIGA, The V&A and The Poetry Society

"Not being one to cut corners, most of Sophy’s commercial work takes the form of relief prints, created using the lengthy process of lino-cutting. “I love the finality and physicality of slicing in to a fresh sheet of lino. It’s impossible to make a piece of work that looks apologetic”; she says. “Lino is un-compromising as a medium, it helps to practise and get really good at representing certain elements. It’s almost like a tool-kit, which, when woven together in different combinations, can spin many a yarn and look compositionally very juicy.” ... Inspired by the likes of Paul Nash, Eduardo Paolozzi and Milton Glaser, Sophy’s personal practice runs from the serious to the satirical with ease...She has an equal appreciation for, and ability to tackle both the most complex and simple pleasures. "  - It's Nice That

She also plays guitar in the band Novella